Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parzival's iClickEM: Our Opportunity to Improve Emergency Medicine

On Monday, December 9th, Parzival will be releasing 1,000 access codes to the closed beta version of it’s EM-specific search engine, iClickEM.  

iClickEM is an opportunity to improve the way we as an EM community share knowledge.

It is a tool created for you, and the content is made by you: the site will host all EM knowledge on the entirety of the Internet that is relevant to the EM provider.  This knowledge will be delivered by powerful artificial intelligence which grows smarter with every use.  The more EM physicians who use it, the better the results will become.  Each time you and your colleagues use iClickEM, you will help one another find more relevant results to your search queries.

In order to make real change, I’ve teamed up with an incredibly talented team to create a company called Parzival.  Our members share a vision and passion that we can improve the way medical education is delivered.

Parzival has created specialized search engines for every field of medicine.  We will start with what I know best, and what I love most - Emergency Medicine.  We’ve spent a lot of talent, time and money on the production of iClickEM, but we promise, iClickEM will always be free to the user.

In this vein, we will be releasing 1,000 access codes to the closed beta version on Monday, December 9th, 2013.  If you want a code, please sign up at iclickem.com, and you will be issued a code to become part of Parzival’s iClickEM beta community.  

As a beta member, your opinions and suggestions will be invaluable toward making this product work for all of us.  If you encounter a bug, an error message, or have a thought on how to make iClickEM work better for you and your colleagues, use the suggestion box provided on the site.  Again, your opinion will help make the product better for all of us.

To me, Parzival and iClickEM represent an opportunity to change our world for the better.  If this experiment works, EM will lead medicine in harnessing the power of the Internet to be better at patient care, more efficient at our professional pursuits, and more creative with our teaching of one another.  Our community will share knowledge more efficiently than any other in the world.

I look forward to changing our world together,

Timothy C. Peck, MD