Monday, May 28, 2012

Call for Case Contributors to Modern EM

Want to write a case for Modern EM?

Modern EM is a blog in which case presentations are used to illustrate how Web 2.o resources can be used in the management of our patients.

Thanks to the support of the EM Web 2.o world (such as Academic Life in Emergency Medicine, Life in the Fast Lane, Wing of Zock, The Poison Review, and Rahul's EM Blog), the blog has hit the ground running and already received thousands of hits!

If you've had a case in which your managment was augmented or even changed by the likes of blogs, Twitter posts, web-based audio-visual resources, or apps, please don't keep it to yourself!  Sharing your story can help the EM community members be better practitioners. 

Together we can advocate for the improved use of technology in the ED. 

If you have an idea, contact me at

- Timothy Peck, MD

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